Wedding Planning 101 by Sarah Allbee, Event Coordinator

What does it take to plan a wedding??  Patience!  Ok, I get it, I was there once too! I feel for you and now, I have 4 kids and have less (patience) than ever, but you have to take the time to make the right decisions for your day.  Know what you want and do not settle.  Just be patient with your decisions, because one bad one can cost you part of your budget or even the quality of your day you desire.  Need examples??

Here's a few:

1. The Meddling Soon-To-Be Mother in Law or Sister in Laws that are living vicariously through you.  Be patient, not for them, but for you.  This is supposed to be the happiest time of your life.  You are planning a celebration for all your favorites to attend and their opinions can be carefully ignored.  This isn't about them, hell its not even about you, it's about the life that you and your soon to be hubby are committing to.  Let's not enter it on a sour note.  Give them a job, make them feel important, your fiancé will thank you! Even if its just something really insignificant that isn't really a big deal if it gets screwed up, it will keep them busy and out of your hair while you plan the really important stuff.  Quality Patience.


2. The Dress.... Take your time girl, its not a race! You're already engaged and although every bridal shop you visit tells you its imperative to order 8 years in advance, take your time and find the right one! This also means; for the right price! ALWAYS check on the alteration prices before you make your decision.  I have heard some horror stories, and trust me the alterations can be more expensive than the dress if you're not careful.  Call ahead! Some even have deals only good on your first visit.  If that's the case, visit that bridal shop last so you have the most options for and can still get the best price.  Also, remember that multiple bridal shops can also order the same dress you fall in love with.   Make sure you're treated well and getting the best deal possible.  Long paragraph short, I waited for shopping trip #3 and ended up with a free veil and was able to order my exact measurements so I paid little for alterations, and saved money by taking it to a local bridal shop for alterations!  It's worth shopping around. Budget Patience.


3. Quality OVER Quantity....  So you got engaged last night! WOO HOO, Congratulations!!  But please, for the Love of God  DO NOT ask every girlfriend you've ever had to stand up with you!  One of the biggest mistakes is asking friends who are available but not really if it's not convenient.  Your bridesmaids are your support system and although its nice to portray the fact that you're a really popular person, its not worth it if they are not willing to stand up for the right reasons.  Its better to have a few true friends than a room full of acquaintances.  Some have a misconception that both sides of the bridal party must be even.  News Flash, no one cares who they walk with, if anyone at all for the whole 20 seconds they are making their way to and from the altar.  They are there for you, it's not a popularity contest.  So carefully choose and it will make your planning process and quality of your day and events leading up to it more memorable and meaningful.  Plus, let me just say the smaller the bridal party the less the expenses will be all around the board.


Trust me, you will thank me!